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The BALM - Family Recovery Education That Works!
The BALM– A Comprehensive Family Recovery Education Program That Helps Families Become Their Loved Ones’ BEST Chance at Recovery!
ARE Homes LLC is a licensed provider of the BALM program.  If you would like more information please contact us.

*** Weekly Live Calls, 7 Step Course and an archive of over 100 recorded lessons on a broad range of family recovery topics***


When families learn the BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) Method their gains include:

  • Becoming essential advocates of sobriety in the home
  • Finding greater joy and peace for themselves in the process.


  • The ability to set and stick to boundaries
  • Developing skills to help a loved one choose and sustain sobriety
  • Learning to erase judgments that create barriers between families and loved ones
  • Becoming aware of triggers that can give their addict excuses to relapse
  • Learning to avoid the mental obsession that plagues so many families caught up in their loved one’s lives
  • Learning how to regain the inner calm and peace they thought they’d lost forever
  • Learning how to hold a peaceful conversation that has greater potential to be heard by your loved one
  • The ability to achieve peace in the home

This course is for you if you are…

  • Family members of clients in treatment, therapy, or recovery coaching
  • Parents of addicts in prison, after-care programs, or halfway houses
  • Spouses, children and siblings of addicts
  • Parents of teens struggling with excessive experimentation in high school or college
  • Anyone concerned about a friend or loved one’s drinking or drugging

Course Details: Participants can join at any point during a 12-week cycle and continue for a full year of live and recorded lessons

  • A Year of Weekly Live Calls, including discussions, Addict and Family Speakers, and Expert Interviews
  • 8 Live interactive calls on the 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror
  • 12 recorded lessons on the 12 themes of BALM Family Recovery
  • 20 recorded discussions to go with the lessons
  • 12 recorded Be A Loving Mirror Demonstrations
  • 25 recorded Ask The Addict or Recovering Family Member Calls
  • 30 recorded Interviews with Experts
  • Each class is recorded – so no problem if you have to miss!

Participants Receive:

  • The entire Be A Loving MirrorSM 12-week course
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Opportunities to ask a recovering addict or family member about concerns you have
  • Information on the latest research in the addiction/recovery field
  • Information on alternative healing methods
  • Interviews with experts in the treatment field
  • Free Digital Workbook to accompany you throughout the course!
  • 8 week live 7 Steps to BALM segment in addition to the weekly calls
  • Complimentary Coaching  with a BALM Family Recovery Coach