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Recovery Services

A.R.E. Homes primary service is to provide a safe, supportive environment during your early recovery.  All of our homes are in good neighborhoods, are well-furnished and we strive to continually become better at what we do here.  Beyond this, we provide a structured recovery environment with emphasis on keeping recovery avenues open for each client.  Everyone’s Recovery is different and we embrace this.    Each client is offered a recovery coach to help set goals and work through any issues you may have in your recovery.  Coaches will assist in setting stage appropriate goals and action plans to ensure a smooth transition back into the community. We believe that positive action plans/activities are an important part of each individual’s recovery.  Our goal is to create a life of recovery that will work for you not just for the next 6 months, but for the next 60 years.

All family members of ARE Homes residents will have access to the Daily B.A.L.M. program for a minimal additional charge provided by nationally recognized family recovery coach Beverly Buncher, Founder and CEO of Family Recovery Resources LLC.  Beverly Buncher was recently dubbed “The Leading Family Recovery Coach in the Nation”.

Additional Included Services

-Exciting, educational and growth based group activities and weekly support meetings.
-A fantastic gym membership that includes a multitude of different exercise classes, use of a salt water pool, tanning beds, sauna, and exercise equipment.

-Proprietary metrics that track each client's success on a monthly basis.

- All cleaning supplies are included.

*We do not allow maintenance medications such as Suboxone or Methadone and we will not allow children to stay in the house.  All residents not coming from a residential treatment facility must be cleared by a medical doctor before entering the house.  For a list of house rules, please refer to intake documents.

*Clients can stay up to one year but are able to move on when they have found a job/schooling, housing and achieved stability in their recovery.  If purchased, family members will have access to Family Recovery Resources Daily B.A.L.M. for one year even if their loved one has "graduated" from A.R.E. Homes.