A.R.E. Homes LLC

Mission Statement

To provide a quality, safe, sober living environment for women with substance use disorder and dependency issues, while offering support services for both clients and families to promote a healthy lifestyle and family structure in early recovery.


About A.R.E. Homes LLC

Our main service is to provide safe, drug and alcohol free, fully furnished recovery homes for women who are in early recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.   At A.R.E. Homes we focus on both addiction avoidance and peer support by providing a safe, comfortable sober environment. Through the use of recovery coaching we help our clients find what will work for them by setting stage appropriate goals and action plans.  Recovery coaches provide the help and guidance to determine what will work for each individual and why, and then help incorporate key goals and action plans into their recovery.  At A.R.E. Homes we believe that guiding a smooth transition back into the community can make all the difference in a lasting recovery.  We also believe that the family needs to recover when their loved one is addicted to drugs and alcohol so we include services for the family through nationally recognized Family Recovery Resources LLC.  Together the family can heal improving chances of long term recovery for themselves and their loved one.

If you want more information on ARE Homes please contact 262-290-1072.

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